Pinoy's Love for Beauty Pageant

From the success of Maria Venus Raj in the Miss Universe Pageant and the instant hit of her major major tag line. There is no reason why Filipinos should not love beauty pageants. In the Philippines, the word beauty pageant is no longer just a beauty pageant but is already part of the Philippine culture. In every part of the country, beauty pageants are always part of town’s fiestas and anniversaries. But what is it about beauty pageant that Filipinos love so much?
When I watched the recently concluded Miss Philippines Earth 2011, I witnessed how die-hard fans Filipinos are for beauty pageants. From the loud cheers, colorful banners and thunderous claps, indeed, Filipinos really persevere for such event. Also, one of the things that we love about beauty pageants is the colorful and artistic national costumes, candidates’ irresistible bodies during the swimsuit competition and of course the question and answer portion.
They say that Filipinas are not just born beautiful but also intelligent. So far, most of the Filipina beauty queens are really the mixture of two. Take for instance, Miriam Quiambao, where she wowed the international audience with her wit when she accidentally slipped over the stage and still stood up with poise and acted as if nothing happened. Also, Precious Lara Quigaman, where she out bested the foreign beauties during her question and answer portion and brought home the Miss International crown. Miriam and Lara are just some of the examples why Filipinos love beauty pageants. Aside from the fact that they bring the name of our country during the international events, the honor that it will give to our country will still be priceless.
Filipinos really excel from almost everything. We are known to be hard workers and talented individuals. As of today, Filipinos are making names in the field of sports, filmmaking, music and soon, in the world of beauty pageants.

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